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Online Finishing

Online Editorial:

  • More than just gear… Experience
  • RED and ProRes Workflows
  • Network & Festival Deliverables: DVD to HDCamSR to Blu•Ray
  • HD/SD Hardware Up/Down Conversions
  • Legalize, Outboard HD Scopes
  • Graphics & Title Integration
  • Audio Mixing in Final Cut Pro
  • Audio Relay, Re-Slates

Network & Festival Deliverables

  • BetacamSP, Digital Betacam, DVCPro
  • DVCProHD, HDCam, HDCamSR, D-5
  • Rundown Sheets
  • Graphics Sheets
  • Textless, Split Tracks, International Outputs
  • Without A Box submission management

Optical Deliverables

  • DVD Screeners
  • DVD Authoring, Duplication
  • BluRay Authoring, BluRay Duplication

Dubs by Pam

(a Fini sister company)

  • Media Moving Specialists
  • Move between tape, hard drive, DVD/BluRay and the internet
  • HD/SD Up/Down Converts
  • Without A Box festival submission service
  • Dubs by Pam handles the bits
    You focus on the big picture

More info at the Dubs by Pam website…


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Meet Your Colorist: Patrick talks Color Grading, Finishing, Workflows, Final Cut Color
via Digital Production Buzz


Guto Barra, Director/Producer
Beyond Ipanema

"Your expertise and patience proved to be essential assets to finalizing our documentary, especially under the huge time crunch for our MoMA world premiere."

Chris Ripper, Director
Ressurection Man (in post-production)

"I love how you add production value to the feel of a shot not just "color"and create a mood appropriate to the content. And pushing your color a certain direction so cleanly. Impressive."


  1. to end, to finish
    From Latin, Italian finire; French finir
French m. (plural finis) - noun
  1. Aspect or texture of what has been completed.
    Un fini lisse: A smooth finish
French adjective
  1. Completed or done.
  2. Which has come to an end.
  3. (technical or philosophical) Which has an end, limited, finite.