Final Cut Finishing

Broadcast Quality

Workflow Specialists

Graphic & Titles Integration

Visual Effects

Audio Mixing

Avid and Final Cut...
We handle projects originating from either platform.
Our Final Cut-based finishing services include:
  • Recapture and Conform
  • Uncompressed SD / HD
  • Titles / Lowerthirds
  • Graphics
  • Network Deilverables
  • Broadcast-safe video and audio
  • Audio Layback
  • Versioning / Tagging
Our FCP SDI finishing suite includes:
  • Sony BVW-75 Digital Betacam
  • Sony 1500a DVCam with SDI
  • Sony D-75 BetaSP with SDI
  • HD decks are available upon request.

We also use digital scopes, outboard Dorrough audio meters, neutral Genelec speakers, dual-channel SCSI RAID, and Decklink boards supporting real-time effects.

Codecs, compression, acquisition formats, delivery formats, aspect ratios, and data rates; these are just some of the minefields today's storyteller has to navigate. We've mapped out this terrain. Our clients walk sure-footed knowing we're here to guide them to successful completion of their projects.

Have a new challenge for us? Bring it on. We love figuring this stuff out.

Already have a graphics package?
We work closely with your designers to ensure your graphics get integrated correctly.
Some of the stuff we do:
  • Lens flares
  • film dirt
  • sprocket weave
  • film flashes
  • diffusion
  • blurs
  • chroma-key / luma-key
  • alpha channels
  • spill suppression
  • pull-down removal

Buyer Beware: Some of this stuff can swallow whole days. Don't say we haven't warned you.
Audio tasks we perform regularly:
  • Smooth out music cues
  • Add sound effects
  • Ensure levels are consistent and even
  • Fix common audio problem
  • Prep OMFs for delivery to outside mix houses
Our main finishing room has an outboard mixing surface for more intuitive, faster mixing sessions from within Final Cut Pro.