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  • Controlling Apple's Color As Fini moves into specializing in color correction, we kept hearing about outboard control surfaces and how they substantially increased productivity. In January 2008 Fini invested in one of these devices and we kept a day-by-day diary on our thoughts and experiences. This article is an outgrowth of that diary, detailing our initial experience and our conclusion as we try to separate hype from reality (spoiler: reality resembles hype).
  • Avid vs Final Cut Pro: 2006 This is the second update to an article written in 2002. It compares Avid to Final Cut Pro. You can find the 2004 and 2002 editions here and here.
    • For other interesting perspectives on this issue, Frank Capria of Kingpin Entertainment looks at Apple and Avid from a business perspective. For those who want more feature comparisons, My Editblog adds some great "Small Stuff" tidbits in "Avid vs. Final Cut Pro. My take." Both of these are worth a read.
  • ProResSD 4:2:2 Tested In this weblog posting, we put ProResSD to the test. Using a typical workflow involving color correction and multiple generations of layoffs and captures, we try to determine if Apple's new ProResSD codec is truly a "finishing codec". We compare it to 10bit Uncompressed and DV.
  • How to Prep Your FCP Project for Finishing Weblog posting with step-by-step instructions for prepping you FCP timeline for finishing and color correction. If you don't want (or have the budget) to re-digitize all your material (which is the preferred workflow), then this article will help you move your material from your drives and onto ours.