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Who Is Fini?

Headshot, Patrick Inhofer

Patrick, Winter 2010

Fini is owned and operated by me, Patrick Inhofer. I’m an colorist and editor with over 20 years experience in broadcast, cable, and (more recently) indie post-production.

I pride myself in my dedication to providing high-quality service at an affordable price. I started working in an era when finishing rooms cost upwards of $1,000/hour. Today, I can give you the same expertise with better quality at 1/5th that price! And I do it while designing my own suites to meet my exacting needs.

My mission is to bring the craft of Color Grading to a wider base of filmmakers by investing only in off-the-shelf hardware and working in a no-frills (but comfortable) suite. I invest in the important stuff (outboard scopes, modern CPU, quality calibrated displays) and shun the fancy stuff (30 seat theater, mahogany trim, 4k displays).

Why Fini?

Patrick, the Colorist

Color grading is my passion. In 2006, the first time I set my eyes on Final Touch (now Apple’s Color) I knew color grading was
my future. It blends my long suppressed desire to be a DP with my editorial background in storytelling. Like a DP, when grading I can light shots, direct the viewer’s eye, and enhance the emotional currents of scene. Like an editor I can help the viewer determine what’s important and what is background nosie.

The tools at my disposal are sophisticated – simple to learn, difficult to master. Grading requires both a sense of the dramatic with a technical understanding of computer image processing, the fundamentals of video codecs, and a willingness to constantly learn new workflows.

My Colorist passion combined with my extensive background as a Online / Finishing Editor creates great left-brain / right-brain interaction that’s well suited to my temperament and the craft.

Fini's Grading Suite

Patrick, the Finisher

I’m also a professional Finisher. I’m not just some Online guy who is joylessly executing other people’s work. I consider Finishing to be a craft in itself. I love working with other people’s material and adding my own little touches. I love the look in my client’s eyes when their material becomes fresh again, when they see it for the first time again even after their 250th viewing.

Colorist + Finisher-In-Chief

I’m not a frustrated film-maker. I’m not trying to work my way out of finishing and into off-line. I’m the guy you call when you’ve got Picture Lock and need someone to carry you down the final stretch. When I’m done you’ll look at the materials I hand you and you’ll know that you’re Fini.

I do what I do because I love it. And my passion has taught me how to be good at it.

Need I say more? Go ahead, email me, call me, let’s talk.

Our Clients?

Of course, you want to know with whom I’ve worked. One place to start in my IMDb listing. Another, LinkedIn which has my career history and recommendations. For the A.D.D Intertube generation, here’s the Cliff Notes:

I’ve worked on films, documentaries, television series, corporate videos, promos, and ID packages for a huge variety of clients ranging from broadcast and cable networks, to indie films making the festival circuit, to corporate giants. I’ve worked with directors Barry Levinson (more than once) and Bruce Sinofsky. My work has appeared on Prime Time (“Hopkins”, 7 episodes, ABC, 10pm after Gray’s Anatomy).

Other clients I’ve delivered to: HBO, NBC, ABC, Showtime, ESPN, Oxygen, AMC, Lifetime, TNT, TBS, National Geographic Channel, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, AOL, TV One, Virgin Records, Astralwerks…

If you work at Fini, you won’t be alone, you won’t be the first. You’ll be in good company, in strong hands and with great eyes.



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Meet Your Colorist: Patrick talks Color Grading, Finishing, Workflows, Final Cut Color
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Guto Barra, Director/Producer
Beyond Ipanema

"Your expertise and patience proved to be essential assets to finalizing our documentary, especially under the huge time crunch for our MoMA world premiere."

Chris Ripper, Director
Ressurection Man (in post-production)

"I love how you add production value to the feel of a shot not just "color"and create a mood appropriate to the content. And pushing your color a certain direction so cleanly. Impressive."


  1. to end, to finish
    From Latin, Italian finire; French finir
French m. (plural finis) - noun
  1. Aspect or texture of what has been completed.
    Un fini lisse: A smooth finish
French adjective
  1. Completed or done.
  2. Which has come to an end.
  3. (technical or philosophical) Which has an end, limited, finite.