Tao Of Color.com – Leave Feedback, Get Free Training

Fini.tv and Patrick Inhofer are proud to announce the launch of our new website: www.TaoOfColor.com

It’s a site dedicated to training, forums, feedback, and mentoring – on the topic of Color Grading; with forays into Finishing and Online Editing.

To kick things off we started a 4th of July promotion – that ends tonight (Friday, July 2) at midnight. Direct from Tao Of Color:

Here’s the deal: By midnight Eastern July 2, 2010 – leave relevant feedback in the comments or on the forum thread for this post and you’ll get the entire training series, as a gift.

Gratis. As in, free.

Consider it a TaoOfColor.com Grand Opening bottle of wine from me, to you – someone who actually cares about this kind of gear.

It’s a last minute deal, I know. And it’s just before a holiday weekend.

But that’s what makes it special.

Even if you get to this item after the deal has closed, go ahead and sign up for the newsletter over there. You won’t regret it!

Here’s the URL to the posting: http://bit.ly/dn1GdR

See you over there. And here.



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