Fini Experiments with Facebook

If you like this blog, then connect with me on Facebook via’s Facebook page.

Why am I suggesting this?

5 years ago a blog like this is how we all shared our thoughts, with quick hits and long posts all interspersed. As my blog has become the face of (literally on the front page) I’m looking to keep this feed tidy. Yet I still have things to say, which, as of yet, haven’t made it anywhere. Mostly short posts and thoughts. I’ve decided to use Fini’s Facebook page for more stream-of-consciousness posts.

While Twitter is fine, it doesn’t allow for feedback or conversations. And really, that’s what those short posts are about.

Blogs and Facebook make for real interaction. Twitter? Too much like broadcast TV or Radio for my tastes. And while I do agree that Facebook displays a callous disregard for the Privacy of its users, the truth is millions upon millions of interactions are taking place there every day. I don’t think I can afford NOT to be on Facebook. So, if Facebook freaks you out a bit, make sure you update your Privacy settings.

I encourage you to head on over to Fini’s Facebook page, then click the “Like” button to follow those posts. Let’s have a conversation.

If you really like us, use the “Share with Friends” button to suggest our page to your like-minded friends.

Hope to see you there!

– patrick

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