Ars Techica: Good Intentions, (mostly) Bad Filmmaking Advice

“How not to write an article about the post-production pipeline” is what  should be the name of an Ars Technica piece was recently posted, “How To Do Pro-Quality Video Post-Production at Home“.

I was about to use this space to issue a screed against the article, and then I read the comments and discovered plenty of others quickly came in and stomped on it.

I won’t get into the specifics of all the things wrong with that article (4:4:4 for BluRay… huh?) other than to say this:

As someone who has a bit of a passion for helping independent, inexperienced filmmakers produce totally professional films – I’m saddened that this is published on such a large and influential website. After reading that article, at least a few budding filmmakers will either become discouraged at the needless complexity of the endeavor or implement some of the suggestions, slowing down the process or damaging their final results.

– pi

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