Patrick interviewed about grading & finishing

I just wrapped a 14 minute interview on Digital Production Buzz with Larry Jordon and his trusty sidekick Michael Horton. It seems I’ll never kick those pre-stage jitters that always haunted from the earliest time I acted on stage in junior high.

I’ll update with a link to audio once it’s up.

UPDATE: Here’s the iTunes feed – the interview is March 18, 2010.

UPDATE 2: Here’s the link to my specific interview.

The conversation moved quickly. We covered my career, the purpose of Fini, my clients. I might have given the impression I only deal with small under-funded clients. Those clients are my passion but the “bigger boys” pay the bills.

Larry and Michael are clearly ‘into’ the topic and we could have spent 30 minutes chatting away. Topics we missed: Control Surfaces, Working Quickly, Displays. I’m sure there were others.

I managed a quick plug about KeyShots in the last 30 seconds.

Thanks for the time Larry and Michael! I hope we can do it again.

– pi

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