Premium Color Grading

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Grading delivers:

  • Color Grading elicits emotions,
    Emotions connect you to your audience,
    Fini grades for emotion
  • Hand-craft your images, shot-by-shot
  • Select your look: Natural, Stylistic, Something else?
  • Deeper, more impactful adjustments than basic fixes and contrast tweaks
  • Complete confidence in your Broadcast, Cable, Festival, and BluRay deliverables

Fini Delivers:

  • RED and HD workflows designed to preserve color fidelity
  • Final Cut Studio expertise
  • Compatible with Avid workflows
  • We love solving problems
  • We love exploring the possibilities with our clients

No surprises:

  • No hidden fees or surprise chargebacks
  • Firm bids, clear quotes
  • External scopes for quicker corrections and Broadcast Legal assurance
  • Colorist Control Surface ensures speedy work with better results

Cost Control:

  • Functional room without frills
  • Off the shelf systems

See It For Yourself

Watch our demo reel, judge for yourself

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