Online Finishing

Online Editorial:

  • More than just gear… Experience
  • RED and ProRes Workflows
  • Network & Festival Deliverables: DVD to HDCamSR to Blu•Ray
  • HD/SD Hardware Up/Down Conversions
  • Legalize, Outboard HD Scopes
  • Graphics & Title Integration
  • Audio Mixing in Final Cut Pro
  • Audio Relay, Re-Slates

Network & Festival Deliverables

  • BetacamSP, Digital Betacam, DVCPro
  • DVCProHD, HDCam, HDCamSR, D-5
  • Rundown Sheets
  • Graphics Sheets
  • Textless, Split Tracks, International Outputs
  • Without A Box submission management

Optical Deliverables

  • DVD Screeners
  • DVD Authoring, Duplication
  • BluRay Authoring, BluRay Duplication

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