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Black Friday – Coming to you next January

Fini is going on sale!!!

Or rather, we’ll be auctioning off our color correction services to the highest bidder in a Silent Auction.

That’s right. We don’t care if it’s a short, your 20 minute student film, or your 120 minute feature going to the silver screen – if it’s ready to go by the end of March, we’ll color correct it!

Of course, there will be limitations (don’t bother trying to pull Artistic Creativity on us and take 3 weeks to work on one scene) – those details will be announced soon enough.

The silent auction will take place at the January meeting of Moptictive (the New York Final Cut Users Group). I’m their Treasurer and we’re a great 501c3 educational non-profit. We have big plans next year. We haven’t named this promotion yet but it’ll hopefully be the headlining auction of dozens of great products and services.

Feel free to pass around the news. Sometime before Christmas I’ll be putting up a web page with full details, including all the niggly restrictions and required workflow.

In the meantime, Happy Turkey Day!

One programming note: Yes, 5 months, no posts. Let’s just say it’s been busy around here… and this blog is undergoing some changes to better align with my needs. Mostly, it’ll spend less time talking to my peers and more time talking to my clients. But there’s some good stuff buried in these pages, so I’m just going to let this puppy lie. But beyond one or two more posts – this iteration of The Finishing Line will be going dormant.

And I’ll be posting at least once more before putting Finishing Line 1.0 to rest.

– patrick


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Meet Your Colorist: Patrick talks Color Grading, Finishing, Workflows, Final Cut Color
via Digital Production Buzz


Guto Barra, Director/Producer
Beyond Ipanema

"Your expertise and patience proved to be essential assets to finalizing our documentary, especially under the huge time crunch for our MoMA world premiere."

Chris Ripper, Director
Ressurection Man (in post-production)

"I love how you add production value to the feel of a shot not just "color"and create a mood appropriate to the content. And pushing your color a certain direction so cleanly. Impressive."


  1. to end, to finish
    From Latin, Italian finire; French finir
French m. (plural finis) - noun
  1. Aspect or texture of what has been completed.
    Un fini lisse: A smooth finish
French adjective
  1. Completed or done.
  2. Which has come to an end.
  3. (technical or philosophical) Which has an end, limited, finite.